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Speed - Up Your Training Workloads 1000x Faster.

Scaletorch launches your training script using its DAP engine in a cloud of your choice, and by connecting to your data sources wherever they are.

Get Started

Run your training scripts using Scaletorch and see massive speedup

STEP - 1

Connect To Cloud

Use your cloud accounts: stick to something you are used to.


Scaletorch will connect to your account in AWS, GCP or Azure. You can use one cloud or multiple clouds simultaniously.

Specify regions you want to operate in or go worldwide.

data source.png

STEP - 2

Configure Data Source 

Virtual Mounts: Store the data anywhere you want. We don’t require you to save your data on a particular cloud or in Scaletorch. Our Virtual Mount technology  presents any remote data source as a local drive. We use a combination of encryption, caching and prefetching to make Virtual Mounts secure and high-performing. 

Support: S3, GCS, Google Drive, HTTPS, SFTP, Azure

STEP - 3

Point Us To Your

Training Script

For configuration, we've provided with lot of different options to choose from

Spot Instances for cheaper prices.

Select DAP, our personalised training solution to give you major speed ups - up to 30x faster on the same number of GPUs that you are using now.

Choose the type of GPU and number of GPUs to be used.

Advanced: configure what cloud provider to use and what region to operate in.


STEP - 4


To provide with a safety, so that you don't end up making a big bill for your cloud services. We provide with cost configuration

Maximum Cost to spend on an experiment.

Maximum Time you want for GPUs to be active.

Maximum Cost/hour you want to spend for an expriment.

Ready to Boost Up your training performance?
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