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About Scaletorch

We are inspired by talented researchers across the world.

Organizations such as OpenAI, Meta AI Research, DeepMind have access to scalable compute as well as systems engineering talent  - a key weapon in their arsenal  that helps them churn out breakthroughs in pure and applied AI.

It's expected  that the need for AI compute power will grow by 750x over the next 5 years, while hardware performance will grow by 12x at the same time.  This gap can only be bridged via software innovation. 

Scaletorch is a team of Pytorch obsessed software and deep learning engineers working round the clock to reduce AI training time and cost by an order of magnitude.

Events we participated in

WAICF 2023

WAICF 2023

For 3 days, the prestigious Palais des Festival of Cannes became the world capital of AI, where decision-makers and AI innovators meet, where the most promising innovations and technologies get into the spotlight, where those who are currently building the world’s most game-changing AI strategies and use-cases will be on stages.

MLDS 2023 in Bangalore

MLDS 2023 in Bangalore

India's No.1 conference exclusively for ML & AI practitioners ecosystem | January 19 to 20, 2023 | Bangalore.

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