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Accelerate Computer Vision Training and Fine Tuning!

Speed up training upto 30x without any changes to your Pytorch script and set up.

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Train an Order of Magnitude Faster With

Deep Learning Offload Processor

We've developed the concept of Deep Learning Offload Processor (DLOP) which works in conjunction with GPUs and other deep learning accelerators like TPUs, IPUs to transparently speed up AI training.

Same Job. Same Configuration. Same Starting Time.
Different Speed!

Scaletorch DLOP uses offloading and low-level programming to fully leverage the capabilities of modern processors

Scaletorch DLOP can seamlessly access training datasets from various filesystems, object stores, remote data sources with no data flows through the Scaletorch platform

Scaletorch DLOP don't use any techniques like quantization, pruning, distillation, selective backpropagation, that would change the accuracy of the model. 

Training Accelerated.

Medical Imaging





MICCAI Gleason



Object Detection







Video Classification



3D ResNet50

Charades Dataset




What would be the speedup of my model? 

Enter the open-source model and dataset similar to your workload and discover, how much you can accelerate your training with our platform. 

Thank you for the submission, we will send the results through email.

Boost Productivity

Deep Learning Engineers are a Valuable Resource.

Boost your Deep Learning Engineers' productivity with Scaletorch. With Scaletorch, you can achieve quicker results and significantly speed up the training process for your deep learning models. By leveraging advanced techniques and optimizations, Scaletorch enables faster AI training, empowering your engineers to deliver high-quality outcomes in less time. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to enhanced productivity with Scaletorch.

Faster Results

More Experimentation. Faster R&D. Achieve KPIs Faster!

Accelerated model training allows you to accomplish a greater number of model iterations within the same time frame as before. This improved efficiency results in quicker updates and feature releases, enhancing your competitive edge within the market.

Cost Reduction

Reduce Your Cloud Bills

Experience lightning-fast AI training and enjoy 5x-100x savings on your cloud bills with our accelerated technology. Say goodbye to long waits and hefty expenses as we revolutionize the way you harness the power of artificial intelligence.

Scaletorch Products.


A software appliance to boost up your AI training on clouds.

*Support: AWS, Azure, GCP

On - Premise

A hardware+software appliance to provide a better speed-up for on-premise infrastructures.

Scaletorch Powered
GPU Servers

A combination of GPU servers with offloader machines.

Ready to Speed-up Your AI Training!

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